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At Northern Gifts Wholesale we’re serious about play! Our company aims to provide educational toys to youth. Our wish is for folks to have fun while getting to know their wildlife neighbors. Established over 30 years ago, Northern Gifts products have become known for high-quality, excellent customer service, honesty and integrity.  Canned Critters, Mini Canned Critters and our Wild Wonders lines of plush toys have been bringing joy to our retail customers for over three decades. The team at Northern Gifts is also highly experienced taking ideas and turning them into the product you had envisioned. Visit our Custom page to learn more about how you can turn your idea into a real plush toy. We have manufactured plush for individuals as well as big committees, including the International Olympic Committee for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games! Whatever your idea is, we can help bring your vision to reality.

Have questions or want to put in an order? Drop us a line at 1-800-665-0808 ext. 4

Our order forms are fillable PDFs linked at the top of each product page. You can email them to or fax in to 1-604-299-0808.

We look forward to hearing from you!

A Family Business

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